Advent Reading For 2013

Yes yes  I know, it’s not even thanksgiving yet. But I’m just really excited about the new material my Preacher has given us to go through during Advent this coming December. The word advent means “arrival”. We, as christians, Use this time, the fourth sunday before Christmas-Christmas Eve, as a time to learn about Jesus’s first arrival unto this earth and the anticipation of His second arrival. Some things that could be learned are “themes of accountability for faithfulness at His coming, judgment on sin, and the hope of eternal life.”-Dennis Bratcher.


Let me introduce the daily reading-It’s titled ‘Good News of Great Joy’ by John Piper. I just read the introduction on this material and it sounds so interesting. The main idea in this daily devotion is “What does Jesus want for christmas?” and follows up with tons of scripture to support it.

I’ve never really stuck to a daily devotion during the Christmas season and if I did it wasn’t towards the season. I hope that you will take the time through this December and go through the devotions as I will be doing also.Each day is about a page and a half long so it’s a quick read. Here is the link to the free download- – .

-Enjoy this upcoming season-


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